Founder + Chief Growth Facilitator


In my 25+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that the road of business building can be a challenging one. I have built my life on helping connect people, and Intentional Connection is the proof of that passion. Often you’d hear people say ‘just ask Bernice’ because of my innate ability to pull from my collection of people and their stories, the right person for the task. Don’t be surprised if you receive a virtual introduction, it is my way of connecting folks and opportunities. Because of my passion for relationship building, my mission is to help entrepreneurs (budding or established) connect deeper to who they are, the clients they serve, all while building relationships along the way.


My approach to coaching is through intentional facilitation. I listen, question and coach directly to help bring out your inner wisdom to solve your problems. I’m known for my creative solutions and brainstorming abilities solving challenging problems. There is no cookie cutter approach, I deeply care about the success of my clients, I build a customized approach using the 4 C’s – Coaching, Consulting, Connections and Community.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with 100’s of entrepreneurs in the last 10 years through personalized and group training, coaching and workshops. Consider me as your business advocate and someone who has the magic to sprinkle on your entrepreneurship journey.


A Mom to three children, you can find me living in rural Nova Scotia (aka my happy place), volunteering (my gift to me is giving service) with a variety of amazing community organizations, Ticking clocks are like a heartbeat and my clock collection is not for the faint of heart.



2011 Choice Hotels International Woman of the Year Award

Manager of a multiple international award-winning hotel

Lunenburg Queens Business Excellence – Hospitality Award Winner

Lead By Example award as presented by Toastmasters for excellence in leadership