The Abundant Connection Club


Are you looking at the clock, trying to figure out where to spend your time?

Do you often find yourself wanting some support and advice but don’t have anyone on speed dial?


Do you feel paralyzed by overwhelming doubt and fear?

Are you looking for help to solve a problem, right now?

Welcome Home, welcome you into The Abundant Connection Club.

A next level program to grow yourself and your business. A safe space and heart-centred approach in a community of like-minded people who will become partners in your accountability and success.  


Hey there!

We’re Bernice & Ashton (aka. The Dream Team). Allow us to introduce ourselves,


Bernice Williams is the queen of connections. 

She collects people and their stories, not just out of curiosity, but out of a love for entrepreneurs.  Bernice has been connecting resources and business and can see the ripples of growth in the community.

Bernice is there to hold your hand, guide and support you on your entrepreneurial journey, while challenging you to think outside the box, take action and dream bigger.


Ashton Rodenhiser is a rock star when it comes to mindset and pitching. 

Having worked around the world with clients, both in person and online she can trace the ripples of her success to her belief in herself and putting herself out there. 

Ashton delivers mindset, manifestation and mentorship with her spunky personality.  She will keep you on your toes, get you thinking visually and engage your imagination.


You have questions,

How much should I charge?

How can I stand out?

How can I feel confident that I can pay my bills and take myself out to dinner?

Why aren’t people buying?

Often we hear people say, “oh I don’t need much”, our answer to that is “sure, but you do deserve to take a VACATION”. Especially a vacation (or whatever you want) without worrying about what’s in your bank account. We want you to not just survive but thrive in your business, reaching whatever income goals you have, right now.


Are you looking for a supportive, heart-centred group of like-minded entrepreneurs that you need to bounce an idea off?


Need someone that you can share a challenge with and receive practical support and guidance?


What about a safe space to celebrate your wins with a community of advocates to celebrate in your success with you?




How it works

This is not a cookie cutter approach to coaching and consulting. We’ll hear from YOU on what your biggest questions, challenges and fears are NOW and work with you through our private facebook group and live calls to help you get on the other side. You’ll have access to all trainings, videos and materials discussed in our community which is added to on an regular basis.

Our focus is on both consulting and coaching. You’ll receive practical information to help you build your business right now as well as the emotional and mindset support you need to blast through a belief that is blocking you from you and your success.


What you Get


  • 2 live monthly calls – 1 business training (based on the members needs) and 1 coaches corner where we talk about current challenges and solutions

  • Private Community – your supportive network of entrepreneurs just like you! Get support from one another and from us.

  • Office Hours – once a month office hour where we are available in our private Facebook group to answer your pressing questions and offer support

  • Resource Library – Missed a live call? No problem. You’ll have access to all videos, trainings and support materials to help you grow yourself and your business. 

Ok, How Much?


We want you to get access to the support you need without breaking the bank. That’s why we are offering our founding members of the community to get in for the investment of $30 per month. Join in August 2020 and get September for free. 


Where else can you access the wisdom of your entrepreneurial peers with the Dream Team to take yourself and your business to the next level?


We are so excited to be on this journey with you. We can’t wait to see you shoot for the moon and land among the stars!